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AI Resume Checker

Optimize your CV for AI-driven HR screenings.

AI Resume Checker is a tool designed to help job seekers understand how their CVs are interpreted by AI models used by HR departments. This tool analyzes various aspects of your CV, such as organization, appearance, accuracy, and relevance, to provide a comprehensive overview of how it might be view...

ResumeHRJob SearchCV Optimization
Recruitment Tools

AI-powered academic search engine for scientific research.

VortiX is an AI-powered academic search engine specifically designed for scientific research. It helps researchers find relevant citations, generate summaries, and synthesize insights to accelerate their work. The tool searches across a vast database that includes sources like the World Bank, OCDE, ...

AcademicResearchSearch EngineCitationsSummaries
Academic Research

Streamline client entertainment with a digital concierge.

Hubub is a digital concierge designed to streamline business client entertainment by automating various aspects of the experience. It handles everything from planning and messaging to calendaring and expense reporting. Additionally, it integrates CRM tracking to help build meaningful customer relati...

Event PlanningCRMClient ManagementEntertainment
Business Management
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AI-driven medical platform for professionals and researchers.

Dr.Oracle is a powerful medical artificial intelligence platform designed for medical professionals, including students, residents, and physicians. It allows users to ask complex medical questions and receive detailed, precise answers supported by up-to-date guidelines and clinical research, complet...

Medical AI
AI PDF Reader

Enhance your PDF interactions with advanced AI capabilities.

AI PDF Reader is a comprehensive tool designed to enhance the way you interact with PDF documents. By leveraging advanced AI capabilities, it allows you to upload or drag and drop PDF files directly into the interface for immediate analysis. Once uploaded, you can engage with the PDF through a chat ...

PDFAnalysisSummarizationTranslationData Extraction
Document Management
Trial Available

AI-powered platform for collaborative story-writing.

TaleStitch is an AI-powered story-writing platform designed to transform the process of writing into a collaborative and creative experience. At its core, TaleStitch leverages advanced AI to help users craft immersive and engaging narratives. Users can start with an original idea, jot down the plot,...

StorytellingCreative WritingCollaborationCommunity
Creative Writing
PurpleStudio AI

Generate stunning images effortlessly with PurpleStudio AI.

PurpleStudio AI is a dynamic tool designed to ignite your creative potential by allowing you to generate stunning images effortlessly. Whether you are an artist looking to explore new styles or someone wanting to create unique gifts, PurpleStudio AI provides a versatile platform for all your artisti...

Image GenerationCreativeArtCollaboration
Creative Tool

Transform your presentation experience from start to finish.

PitchPilot is a comprehensive tool designed to transform your presentation experience from start to finish. It allows you to create a customized script for your presentation or document, ensuring that your message is clear and tailored to your audience. The tool also includes a voice synthesis featu...

Presentation Tools

Enhance vocabulary through immersive AI roleplay interactions.

Vocablet is a dynamic tool designed to enhance your vocabulary learning experience through immersive roleplay and AI-powered interactions. By engaging in real-time chats with an advanced AI, users can discuss a wide range of topics, from everyday conversations to complex subjects, allowing for seaml...

VocabularyLanguage LearningRoleplayAI Chat
Language Learning